David Dubbs always got on top of the leader boards in every MLM he joined.
Didn’t matter whethere he joined at the so called top or months or years after
launch David Dubbs always managed to get to the very top of the companies leader board.
The way he did this was to launch is own custom marketing funnels. They were so good
they would result in hundreds of personal sign ups and a ton of sales.

But to do this it took several tools and paying out money to several different websites,
auto-responders and other tools. While David Dubbs had no problem with the cost he knew
others in his downline would. Also a lot of the tools were complicated, technical and had
to be all put together to work right. This frustrated him because it was hard for his teams
to just throw it up and be off to the races. So after trying every tool out there and being
unsatisfied he got together with partners and a program team to start TCP.

The first task was have everything under one roof. Basically the DREAM TEAM of marketing
tools. The seciond task was to make them super easy to use no technical skills required.
The third task was to make everything look high end without a high end cost. The fourth task was
to be able to mass duplicate so share codes were born. Then the fifth task was make it
super affordable and never upsell members.

Took some time but then David Dubbs launched TCP which has been getting so
many testimonials. Also when a member needs any help David Dubbs is always there
to answer questions and give them hands on help.

Click here to see David Dubbs website and learn more about TCP

One thought on “Why David Dubbs Started The Conversion Pros

  1. I had to come back here to share my testimony about David Dubbs ‘Conversion Pro’. David Dubbs was actually recommended to me by a friend at the point where everything seems not to be working in my business. And wow, he turned everything around. Looks like magic, Lol. I’m really grateful!

  2. This is no doubt the magic every MLM business needs to turn the table around. It’s just amazing! I’m sure David Dubbs is one of the outstanding internet marketers currently

  3. I can boldly say the TCP is the best system I have adopted in my business in several years. It has brought a huge turn around to my business and the goodies are still counting. David Dubbs, you’re doing a great job. Keep on.

  4. It looks like I am going to be getting the Conversion Pro soon. However, nothing about the price was mentioned here so far. Or am I missing out on something?

  5. I think David Dubbs should be a great internet marketer. I’ve heard so much about him and his rennet tool. Will certainly try his services

  6. I’m so glad I didn’t throw this amazing opportunity away. I was skeptical about its effectiveness at first but the result has been amazing and I can’t get more anywhere. Thanks for this David Dubbs.

  7. David Dubbs is the best online marketing coach I have ever watched. He gives you all the tools and shows you how to use them all step by step.
    I couldn’t be happier my results went through the roof.

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